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The 2023 Millionaire Maker Shatters Records: A Poker Phenomenon Unleashed!

Posted on 24.06.2023 Posted Under: News

The 2023 WSOP’s renowned “Millionaire Maker” event, a $1,500 no-limit hold’em tournament, has seen a remarkable surge in participation, exceeding 10,000 entries. The event, held at the Horseshoe and Paris casinos, attracted a large crowd on both Friday and Saturday for Day 1A and Day 1B respectively.

The previous record for the event, set in 2019 with 8,809 entries, was in sight as 4,585 participants registered for Day 1A on Friday. Given the event’s history of higher attendance on Saturdays, it was anticipated that the previous record would not only be broken, but significantly surpassed.

By early Saturday afternoon, the previous record was indeed broken as 5,300 participants had already registered for Day 1B. With two more levels of play and a dinner break still to come, the total number of entries soared past 9,800. Even at this stage, there were still lines of prospective players waiting to register.

As the dinner break ended and Level 9 of Day 1B commenced, the final count of entries for the session was confirmed. A total of 5,845 participants for Day 1B, along with the 4,585 from Day 1A, brought the grand total to 10,430 entries. This made the 2023 Millionaire Maker the largest $1,500 live poker event in history.

The full prize breakdown for Event #53 was not available at the time of the last update, but the total prize pool is expected to be $6,120,975, with over 1,600 players likely to cash in. The Millionaire Maker, one of WSOP’s signature weekend events, continues to attract a large number of participants. The unexpectedly high turnout this year may lead to the event becoming a regular mid-series feature in the coming years.