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Rush Street Interactive Secures Delaware’s Digital Gaming Reigns; Online Poker’s Next Move A Mystery

Posted on 18.08.2023 Posted Under: News

In a riveting turn of events for Delaware’s online poker enthusiasts, Rush Street Interactive (RSI) disclosed that they’ve clinched the coveted role of the online-gaming supplier for the Delaware State Lottery. This move will dethrone 888, which had previously overseen online poker in the state.

The prowess of RSI in the online gaming sphere isn’t new. With active operations spanning across 15 states in the U.S., as well as Ontario, Mexico, and Colombia, their online sports betting service, primarily through their well-known BetRivers brand, has created ripples. However, a conspicuous absence in their portfolio is an online poker platform—even after acquiring the much-talked-about Run It Once poker initiative helmed by Phil Galfond in 2022.

As RSI celebrated their victory in Delaware, conspicuously missing from their announcement was any nod to online poker or the acquired Run It Once. The online poker community is now left speculating if RSI might potentially inaugurate the Run It Once network in states like Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and even West Virginia, where no online poker ventures have seen the light of day.

Adding to the intrigue, 888, the initial vendor, curiously receded from the application journey earlier this year. Their departure, along with an undisclosed third-party vendor, left RSI as the solo contender. As this drama unfolds, 888 continues to render its services, honoring the last leg of their decade-long agreement inked with the Delaware Lottery, which went live in 2013. Meanwhile, RSI is poised to step into a comparable 10-year agreement, neatly broken down into an initial five-year term followed by five one-year extensions.

The motivation behind 888’s decision to step back remains shrouded in mystery. However, it’s evident they’ll keep serving Delaware until RSI’s BetRivers (and potentially Run It Once) platforms secure the green light from local regulatory bodies.

Rush Street Interactive’s CEO, Richard Schwartz, beamed with pride, seeing this Delaware deal as a testament to RSI’s rising dominance in the Northeast US corridor. Expressing his gratitude, he remarked, “RSI’s collaboration with the Delaware Lottery and the state’s trio of casinos will amplify the gaming experience for consumers within Delaware’s borders, harnessing our track record of innovation and excellence.”

Echoing these sentiments, Delaware Lottery director, Helene Keeley, lauded RSI’s impactful journey in the sector and their unwavering commitment to fostering responsible gambling.