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Discord Milestone Quest

“The more we are, the better it gets!”

Time for something new! Are you already a member of our Discord server? No? Well you should! There are several good reasons to be part of it, and we are adding one on top: our Milestone Quest.


Quite simple: the goal is to reward our awesome Discord community for following us and making BetKings a big family. And the more we are, the better the channel gets, right? So we set up Checkpoints and Milestones related to how many users join our channel.
Each checkpoint will generate as a reward $250 FlipOut open to all Discord users in our channel who have a BetKings account. Milestones will be richer: the first one will generate a reward of $400 FlipOut, and each one after that will double the amount of the reward. EACH TIME.And wait until you hear the better part: there is no set amount of time to reach the checkpoints and the milestones. So every new user that joins the channel is one step closer to the next FlipOut for everyone!
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