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Legends Weigh in on Mariano’s Bold River Decision on Hustler Casino Live

Posted on 20.08.2023 Posted Under: News

Mariano, the famed poker vlogger and rising sensation on the felt, has been on a heater at the Hustler Casino Live. Not too long ago, we watched him devastate Andy “Stacks” Tsai, pulling off a straight flush to best Tsai’s nut flush, pocketing a staggering $610,000 in the process.

However, every poker aficionado knows that both skill and variance come into play in this game, and Mariano’s latest session proves just that. Despite his impressive record, Mariano faced a rough patch, culminating in a $226k setback. But, what’s catching the poker community’s attention is a specific hand that even had poker titans Negreanu and Matusow locking horns.

The hand in question? A conundrum with pocket aces on the river.

In a $400/$800 game, with an $800 big blind ante, Dan “Jungleman” Cates made an opener to $2,600 holding KhQh. Not to be outdone, Mariano three-bet to $8,600 with a dominant AhAc. With Jungleman as the effective stack, he decided to see a flop.

Jungleman, always one for theatrics, said, “Alright, Mariano, brace yourself for some friendly banter. It’s not looking good for you.”

A thrilling flop of 4hQcJh was laid out. Jungleman, holding top pair with a flush draw, played it cool with a check. Mariano, sensing an edge, continued for $13,000. Jungleman, naturally, made the call.

The turn, a rather uneventful 2s, saw Jungleman check once again. Mariano, perhaps sensing weakness or aiming for protection, escalated the pot with a hefty $40,000 bet. Jungleman stayed in the game, calling Mariano’s bet.

But it was the 8h on the river that changed everything, giving Jungleman the flush he was angling for. Despite this, Jungleman checked, putting the ball in Mariano’s court. Every viewer at the edge of their seat pondered, “Should Mariano go for value or take the safe route with a check?”

Mariano, in a gutsy move, shoved all in for Jungleman’s remaining $84,400. Without a second thought, Jungleman snapped called.

Admitting his defeat, Mariano remarked, “You win, I have aces.”

The poker community is abuzz, dissecting and debating Mariano’s river play. And as the dust settles, we’re left to wonder: was it bravery or a miscalculation? The debate rages on.