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Daniel Lowery Fires Back, Ties With Reichard in Circuit Ring Standoff

Posted on 19.08.2023 Posted Under: News

Daniel Lowery’s determination in the World Series of Poker Circuit is undeniable, making serious moves in the Graton stop. Matching Ari Engel’s third-place position on the all-time Circuit ring leaderboard initially, Engel managed to clinch two more rings. But Lowery wasn’t far behind. He clinched victory in Graton’s Event 13, claiming his 14th ring and interestingly, sidelining Engel in the final showdown.

Reacting to playful claims of Ari being the ‘best to ever play’, Lowery chuckled, “Sure, Ari might wear that crown in jest, especially after his 15th ring win. But me? I’ve been mostly a part-timer, diving deeper into the game recently, particularly to engage in this spirited contest.” On the topic of chasing rings, Lowery candidly stated, “For me, it’s about that one triumphant moment on top. If I ever reach that pinnacle, the race doesn’t matter as much.”

With Maurice Hawkins and Ari Engel sharing the spotlight with 15 rings, Lowery’s latest win brings him on par with Josh Reichard for second place. The camaraderie of this competition was evident, as Lowery opened up about his longstanding friendships. “Maurice and I entered the circuit almost simultaneously. And Josh? He’s like family. Ari and I go way back too. Battling it out with pals? That’s the cherry on top.”

Lowery’s recent win was more than just another victory; it was a cherished milestone. “I always aspired to secure 10 rings, and a main event ring, and one in a non-hold’em game,” he shared. “Conquering in PLO, my game of choice, is genuinely gratifying.”