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Chance Kornuth has demanded a ban on Martin Kabrhel.

Posted on 20.06.2023 Posted Under: News

The controversy surrounding the accusations of card marking against Czech poker player Martin Kabrhel during the recent $250,000 No-Limit Super High Roller event is still escalating. One of the recent developments includes a demand by Chance Kornuth, who had a verbal altercation with Kabrhel during the event, for Kabrhel to be excluded from the WSOP and other major live events.

Kornuth, who finished fifth in the $250K Super High Roller, posted a detailed statement on Twitter outlining his reasoning. “Martin Kabrhel should absolutely be banned,” wrote Kornuth, “but not for the reason most people believe….”

Kornuth (shown above) then proceeded to discuss the news that started circulating the previous day, stating that the WSOP inspected the cards used in the high roller at the table where both Kornuth and Kabrhel played and found no evidence of card marking. PokerOrg independently discovered that WSOP officials removed three full sets from that table and conducted comprehensive inspections of the cards, finding nothing. However, the WSOP does not provide information on the procedures and techniques used.

Kornuth’s statement also verifies that the investigation into Kabrhel’s alleged card marking is not ongoing, as many mainstream media outlets have reported, but has in fact already concluded with no evidence of any such cheating by Kabrhel.

‘A massive angle shoot’ Despite the WSOP finding no proof of Kabrhel actually marking cards, Kornuth claims that Kabrhel, with his frequent and extreme table antics, is feigning cheating to take advantage of the fact that he has been previously accused of cheating. Kornuth wrote this, in part: “Martin is possibly cheating in a way that security hasn’t detected yet, or he is deliberately making it appear as if he is cheating to gain an advantage.

“Regardless of which it is, I believe he should be banned from participating in the WSOP and other High Roller Tournaments.

“As @Andrew_Robl and others have pointed out, he has been previously accused of cheating, which could already be a reason for him to be banned.

“He is leveraging his past reputation to intimidate players in a $250,000 buy-in from bluffing him because he ‘might’ be cheating (he loudly and suspiciously suggested that there were sticky substances on the cards during the $250K FT a few days ago).

“He stands up and makes a spectacle of looking at players cards when faced with almost any decision – he is aware that he has been accused of marking cards in the past and wants players to keep that in mind – a massive angle shoot.”