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Braxton Dunaway has recently joined the ranks of millionaires thanks to the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Posted on 23.06.2023 Posted Under: News

The WSOP’s allure lies in its unpredictability, where any participant could potentially be the next big winner. I experienced this firsthand not too long ago.

On the evening of June 11, I was wrapping up my day’s work for PokerOrg at the WSOP. Having barely eaten throughout the day, I decided to indulge in a meal at Jack Binion’s steakhouse, conveniently located near the WSOP playing area at the Horseshoe. A few recognizable players who had already been eliminated for the day were dining at the bar.

One of them joined me and we engaged in casual conversation about the ongoing series, his current standing, and so on. I recognized him from previous coverage, but given the sheer number of players I report on, his name eluded me. I asked him to jog my memory.

He introduced himself as “Braxton Dunaway”. I recalled having seen him at a WSOP circuit event in Choctaw. He mentioned his most significant poker win to date was slightly over $60,000 from a final table appearance at a Choctaw main event. Neither of us could have predicted that in a mere 10 days, he would win nearly 20 times that amount, becoming the latest millionaire courtesy of the WSOP.

Securing the Monster Stack

On the night of June 21, Braxton Dunaway from Midland, TX clinched the $1,500 Monster Stack, outlasting a record field of 8,317 players to win $1,162,681. This prize was more than triple his total career earnings up to that point.

Rank Player Prize Money 1 Braxton Dunaway $1,162,681 2 Colin Robinson $718,649 3 Jesse Rockowitz $541,376 4 Loic Dobrigna $410,493 5 Nicholas Gerrity $313,297 6 Joshua Adcock $240,695 7 Joe Cada $186,149 8 Julien Loire $144,928 9 Yulian Bogdanov $113,597

A review of his past performances reveals that he primarily plays locally, with numerous winnings in his hometown of Midland in West Texas. Two of his most substantial winnings were in the West Texas Poker Championship, where he won approximately $42,000 and $38,000. His cashes are predominantly from Texas, Choctaw, or Las Vegas at the WSOP.